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KeraStat® Cream: Your choice for the management of radiation dermatitis (RD)

​​KeraStat® Cream harnesses the power of keratin proteins (human-hair) to support the management of dry, light, and moderately exuding partial thickness skin wounds such as radiation dermatitis resulting from a fractionated radiotherapy regimen. KeraStat® Cream is FDA-cleared and available in 1 oz. tubes. Rx only.​

​KeraStat® Cream is the only prescription treatment for RD that has undergone a full FDA panel review process. ​

​KeraStat® Cream has been developed to give you and your patients an effective solution for the management of radiation dermatitis. ​

​KeraStat® Cream: An Rx product to manage skin toxicities like RD​

​By applying KeraStat® Cream after the first radiotherapy treatment, the patient should see a noticeably shortened period of erythema. With continued use of KeraStat® Cream, our pilot studies of breast, head, neck and throat radiotherapy treatments produced later onset and less severe cases of dry and moist desquamation and ulceration.​

For small treatment areas, a single 1 oz. tube should last the duration of an 8-week therapy session. Variation may occur depending on the size of the treatment area.​

When do you treat your patients for RD with KeraStat®Cream?​

​Patient skin biology is often different even when physical appearance is similar. You will see patients that may or may not develop significant symptoms of RD. ​

​To get the best results, KeraStat® Cream should be used prophylactically on all patients to help prevent the onset of RD and/or lessen the severity of symptoms. If your practice waits for symptoms of RD before prescribing treatment, KeraStat® Cream can still be effective. ​

​KeraStat® Cream has been developed to manage the symptoms of RD and increase your patient’s Quality of Life, reduce RTOG scores, and reduce DLQI scores.

UPC # 60006093401 Size 29.6 mL (1 oz.)​

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